Hi I’m Katie!


Welcome to One Fish Two Kids! I’m Katie – single mama through divorce, though so many “fish in the sea” are single parents for various other reasons while others are married with less than present partners due to work or travel. My hope is that this blog provides practical parenting advice for all, but especially for those single mamas and papas, as well as tricks of the trade for health and home.

The Fish

I’m clinging for dear life proud to still belong in the 26-34-year-old age category for purposeless survey taking, although I hear 40 is the new 20. And I fully intend on subscribing to this mantra. At 40.

I’m Southern y’all. I say ma’am and sir, put my groceries in a buggy, tie tennis shoes to go for a walk, eat supper (and sometimes take my sweet time doing it), and bless a lot of hearts. I also recently decided to put on my big girl panties and start a blog.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner by training, so you may find that I link some of my posts to evidence-based guidelines or peer-reviewed articles from trusted sources such as the American Academy of Pediatrics. Please do not substitute information in these posts for advice from your own medical professional. Do feel free to substitute for your neighbor’s well-intended parenting advice.

I’m Catholic but more importantly Christian. I think loving and serving others is just as important as doctrine. I also think my love for bread and wine has an unsurprising point of origin.

I’m obsessed with my children. They are my sweetest treasures on this earth. And because of that, they are disciplined, go to bed hungry if they refuse to eat dinner, and are allowed to fail. They also know that they are deeply loved by me, Jesus, and the Publix check out lady (why else would they get balloons on the house?).

The Kids

Jeb and Lawson (hey, I get an A for name originality). 20 months apart, though never more than an arms-length apart at home. Between the two of them, I am the proud owner of a spirited introvert, independent diva, protective big brother and tattle telling little sister. They pick their noses and say their prayers. Let’s just say, some moments are prouder than others. But they won’t be little for long, so all the moments count.

The Blog

I learned to swim at an early age, but that didn’t keep me from metaphorically drowning a time or two in my life. May this blog be a comical and informative lifesaver when you need it the most. Just keep swimming.